Vision MMA Conference 2020

Sunday 20th September 2020, Sir Alexander Fleming Building, Imperial College London

MMA Conference 2020 will be held on Sunday 20th September 2020

The Vision Senior Conference is a comprehensive medical school admissions conference for sixth form students committed to submitting a UCAS application in October 2018.

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Individual mock interview and personal feedback

Each student will have a 20 minute personal mock interview from a panel of tutors, including written and verbal feedback. Tutors can include medical students, practising doctors and those who have sat on an Imperial College School of Medicine interview panel.
- All panels include at least one clinical and one pre-clinical student.

Individual personal statement feedback

Every delegate will receive a written feedback form on their personal statement, giving suggestions for any areas of improvement.
- Our tutors will conduct your interview after reviewing your personal statement thus allowing them to quiz you on all the aspects of your application.

Inspirational talks by eminent physicians and surgeons.

Details to be confirmed shortly.

Ethics, BMAT/UCAT and Interview technique small group tutorials

Ethics teaching will be in the form of a 40 minute tutorial, covering the key principles relevant to interviews and the BMAT essay.

We will be providing an BMAT tutorial, covering all three sections of the exam, as an optional extra session at the end of the conference. Due to the date of the conference and demand, we will not be holding a formal UKCAT tutorial. If you are sitting the UKCAT after the 20th September, we will be able to provide answers to specific questions and advice on the day. We will also be able to provide you with printed resources to help you prepare. Should there be a very large demand for the UKCAT, we will schedule in a full UKCAT tutorial with details to come.

We will give each of you a 20 minute panel interview, with feedback at the end, with Imperial medical student tutors.

Information for students attending the conference

Thank you for booking a place on the Vision Senior Conference. We very much look forward to welcoming you to the Sir Alexander Fleming Building on Sunday 20th September.

Please come smartly dressed for the conference (as you would do for a medical school interview). Your attire will form part of the overall feedback you receive from the interview panel and will help make the process far more realistic and useful.

Please remember to bring the following items on the day:

  • Personal statement (our tutors may write pointers on this copy, so make sure it’s not your only one!)
  • Photo consent form ( if you have not returned one by post)
  • Payment (if you are paying as an individual and haven't already paid, given in an exemption form and are not part of the SMF/Pathways to Medicine.)